Let every corner of your garden shine using the right plants!

We grow and nurture (among others) the species listed below, which can be supplied in sizes P9, P13, C1.5, C2 and C3.


  Stock list

Acaena bucahanniiGeraniumIngwersen's varietyPicea glauca 'Conica'
Acaena micr. kupferteppichGeranium RozannePhlox sub. Atropurpurea
Ajugareptans atropurpureaGeranium sanguineumPhlox sub. Candy stripes
Ajugareptans burgundy glowGeranium sanguineum AlbumPhlox sub. Cushion blue
Alchemilla mollisGeranium sanguineum Max FreiPhlox sub. Maischnee
Campanula carp. Blue clipsGeranium sanguineum StriatumPotentilla trid. Nuuk
Campanula carp. White clipsHedera helix GlacierRosmarinus officinalis
Campanula poscharskyanaHedera helix Normandy carpetRubus Tricolor
Cerastium tomentosumHedera helix WalthamensisRubus tricolor Betty Ashburner
Cotoneaster Coral beautyHedera helix WoernerSagina subulata
Cotoneaster Dammerii MajorHedera HibernicaSalvia nem. Ostfriesland
Cotoneaster DammeriiHerniaria glabraSaxifraga arendsii
Cotoneaster MooncreeperHeuchera micr. Palace purpleSedum
Cotoneaster EichholzHypericum calycinumSempervivum
Cotoneaster Queen of carpetIberis semp. SnowflakeStachys byzantina
Cotoneaster Streib's findlingIlex crenata ConvexaTiarella codifolia
Euonymus Dart's blanketIlex crenata StokesThymus serpyllum
Euonymus Emerald 'n gaietyIsotoma fluviatilisVinca major
Euonymus Emerald 'n goldLamiastrum galeobdolonVinca major Variegata
Euonymus HarlequinLamiastrum galeobdolon florentinumVinca minor
Euonymus  MinimusLavandula ang. AlbaVinca minor Alba
Festuca Elijah blueLavandula ang. Dwarf blueVinca minor Atropurpurea
Geranium BrooksideLavandula ang. HidcoteVinca minor Bowles variety
Geranium BiokovoLavandula ang. MunsteadVinca minor Gertrude jekyll
Geranium CambridgeLeptinellaVinca minor Marie
Geranium KarminaLonicera nit. MaigruenWaldsteinia ternata
Geranium St. OlaLonicera Pileata 
Geranium DalmaticumLysimachia nummularia 
Geranium EndressiiMazus reptans 
Geranium Wargrave pinkPachysandra terminalis 
Geranium HimalayensePachysandra term. Green Carpet 
Geranium Bevan's varietyPachysandra term. Green Sheen 


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