About us

Kwekerij Boonen-van der Heijden B.V.

Founded in 1984 by Thei Boonen and Toos van der Heijden.

The company specializes in growing ground-cover plants, which are nurtured from first cutting to final product. Our aim as a company is to remain a key player in this branch of the perennial plant and shrub market.

Our main clientele consists of garden centres, retail, trade, cash-and-carry’s and landscapers, both domestic and abroad.

Environmental responsibility and ecological sustainability are key concepts within the nursery, exemplified by (among other things) the on-site biomass power plant and its use of 100% recyclable potting material.

At its well maintained and tranquil location on the outskirts of Heibloem (Netherlands) over 40 dedicated employees work year round to create and keep up the high quality plants for which the company is known and its customers have come to expect.


Next generation

The first of January 2021 will mark the next phase of the nursery as Jeroen Boonen and Monique Boonen (that’s right, son and daughter of founders Thei and Toos) will take over the family business and continue and expand on the family legacy.

Jeroen will focus on the cultivation aspect of the company whereas Monique takes charge of the back office: HR, sales and all other administrative processes.

Both have spent time in various different settings, roles and industries and since a few years have returned home full of fresh ideas, passion and ambition.


And while some things may change the main goal of the nursery will always remain the same: providing customers high quality plants, all year round.

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